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What to expect during an acupuncture appointment

What to expect during an acupuncture appointment  On your first visit, you will have a consultation regarding the reason for your visit. You will be asked about your medical history, and anything which may be related to the condition you are presenting with. You will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and to ask questions. Based on the diagnosis, a treatment plan will be recommended. After the consultation, you will receive treatment in the same visit.

During the treatment, you may feel relaxed and find yourself drifting off. This is perfectly fine. Sometimes tranquil music is played to help with relaxation. I usually come back in a few times to make sure everything is ok.

People find acupuncture very relaxing. The soothing quiet is a very precious factor of the acupuncture treatment in today’s rushed and busy lifestyle. Feel free to discuss anything concerning your progress during the consultation or after the session, but it is best for you and your treatment if the calm and tranquility is preserved. Remember, it usually takes more than one treatment to obtain the results you are looking for. Give it time. Especially combined with some lifestyle changes, and specific exercises, remarkable results can be obtained.
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Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health

Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health.  Chinese Medicine, which includes Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, is especially good for women’s health. Women may experience health issues at all ages of life as the body changes. Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) have a long history of treating Gynaecology, some texts go back to 200 B.C.

Acupuncture is very effective in treating menstrual irregularities, including:
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