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cupuncture is an entirely drug-free healthcare system. It works by restoring the body’s energetic balance by stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. Practised in China for more than three thousand years, acupuncture is a part of a complete system of medicine known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture enhances the energy or electrical system of the body, which runs through channels called Meridians. This energy flow is regulated by inserting fine needles into strategic points located on the energy channels on the body and enables the body to heal.  Acupuncture is increasingly accepted throughout the Western World as an adjunct to or in place of western medicine. Other aspects of TCM include Herbal Medicine, manipulative therapy (Tuina/massage), diet, relaxation and special exercises (Qi Gong). continue…

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterile disposable needles at specific points on the body. In all treatments sterile, disposable needles are used.


Acupuncture effectively relieves pain, restores energy and improves individual health and wellbeing. Women can be treated for any complications of pregnancy without causing any harm to mother or baby, although certain acupuncture points need to be avoided if there is any likelihood of miscarriage.
Acupuncture can be used to treat most diseases and illnesses as well as physical injuries such as sport injuries and joint mobility. It is dramatically effective in the alleviation of pain, whether acute or chronic.

Traditional Acupuncture: This treatment entails a brief review of symptoms, after which needles are inserted to various points along the meridian/nerve pathway. Needles are left in place for 30 minutes. Overall time usually takes about 40 minutes. This treatment is good for acute conditions, although most conditions require a course of treatment. Can be combined with other treatments, eg. massage.

Holistic Acupuncture: This is a more in depth approach and therefore takes longer. In this treatment more focus is given to the source of the illness/condition. All symptoms are noted, however trivial or seemingly unconnected to the main symptom they may seem. We go through each symptom and see how they developed. We then trace how each symptom is related to others, and may be causing them. By seeing the interconnectedness of symptoms, this then guides us to the solution, where we can find true health. This can involve councilling from a holistic perspective as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. This treatment includes an acupuncture treatment. Allow about 2 hours for the initial consultation and 40 minutes for subsequent visits.

Taoist Acupuncture: This is more of an energetic/spiritual approach. Similar to the holistic acupuncture approach, Taoist acupuncture extrapolates the question from a Taoist approach, ie using the concepts of Tao, Chi and Yin/Yang. Roughly speaking, Tao is everything in the universe including all matter, forces etc. Chi is how various things and forces manifest, and Yin/Yang refers to the working of Chi. Chi can be used to talk about stars, planets, trees, rivers etc., as well as the working of the human body. Taoist philosophy (based around concepts of Tao, Chi, Yin/Yang), is based on the observations of nature. Taoist philosophy sees human beings as part of nature. Nature doesn’t have any language, Nature just is. We use language to express ideas and to communicate with others. Even though we use language to define the condition we are treating, the treatment itself is beyond words, ie, meditation in action. Like the other methods, we first need a diagnosis. This will give us a treatment strategy. Instead of acupuncture or herbal medicine, we concentrate on Medical/Healing Chi Kung. This treatment involves the practitioner using their Chi to activate the healing Chi in the patient. This allows the patient to enter deeper relaxation to activate their healing energy. Also included will be specific Chi Kung breathing exercises to be performed by the patient to aid in their recovery to better health. Allow about 2 hours for the initial consultation and 40 minutes for subsequent visits.

Cupping Therapy: Cupping is the application of a glass cup to the skin and a vacuum applied. This improves the blood flow in the local area. Followed by massage. This therapy is good for injuries as well as removing toxins from the body

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture and facial acupuncture offer a natural alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Chinese doctors have been using points on the face for thousands of years to help combat signs of ageing in men and women and to help skin conditions. This treatment involves facial acupuncture combined with a facial massage as well as using breathing techniques to de-stress the body and mind. Allow 90 minutes for this treatment.

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I have been seeing David for years for my digestive problems and stress. Not only have my problems improved, I feel great too. I always leave the clinic feeling calmer and more relaxed
My daughter attends for her skin condition. Acupuncture and herbal medicine works great. My son goes for sports injuries and finds great relief.
The relief I get from the pain in my arms and legs is incredible. Some days I arrive in a wheelchair, but am able to walk out. David also gives me breathing exercises as well which helps with anxiety.
I go to David whenever I’m in town. I love the treatments, especially the Reflexology.
I was a chronic sufferer of cystitis, a very uncomfortable condition, and was locked into a never ending cycle of going to the doctor, getting antibiotics, getting thrush, and then after a month or two, getting cystitis again. In despair, I decided to go to the acupuncturist, though I didn’t really see how he could help. Acupuncture treatment gave instant relief to the symptoms of cystitis, and Traditional Chinese Medicine gave long term relief. I no longer suffer from this condition and have not taken antibiotics for over 15 years. Thank you David.
I go for acupuncture every month the week before my period when the pain and mood swing are unbearable.
David’s cosmetic acupuncture and facial massage is fantastic. My face looks instantly lifted and plumped and somehow my lips looked fuller too. While the needles are in I can actually feel a tightening and tingling sensation.
After suffering from constant back pain for some months and receiving physiotherapy, chiropractic and painkillers to no avail I decided to give acupuncture a go…. Now I have very few ‘bad back days’ and enjoy a normal a much more pain free life!
I was amazed to get such dramatic results from acupuncture over a short space of time. My severe pre-menstrual symptoms of bloating, breast tenderness and discomfort have all but disappeared and period pain has practically been extinguished. The best part for me is that my periods have changed from being 12 days in length and very heavy to 6 days with a normal/light flow. I am so happy with acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone – it really does work.
I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments at Acupuncture Cork for the past year to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. During my first appointment and with the insertion of the very first needle, I was shocked to discover how effectively acupuncture immediately relieved my feelings of extreme anxiety. At that moment I was hooked. Over the past year, not only has it helped relieve the side effects of chemotherapy but acupuncture helped me quickly rebound after two cancer-related surgeries; relieved sinus pressure and incredibly, brought an immediate end to my nightly 4 trips to the bathroom. I am elated to have practically breezed through a year of cancer treatment full of energy and with no problems or illness. Even more, I love my new sense of calm as I now handle daily stressors with ease. The effects of acupuncture on my anxiety and nervousness have been increasingly long term. I’m a new person thanks to acupuncture. I send a heartfelt “Thank You” to David at Acupuncture Cork.
I had heard that Chinese medicine was very effective for infertility problems, so when David was recommended to me, I was very eager to see him. With David’s help I had a beautiful baby boy within a little over a year.
I came to David for a severe eczema problem. I had already seen many dermatologists and none of the treatments tried had worked. Upon treatments with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, my face has cleared up tremendously. Thank you David for healing me!
I was working in a busy restaurant and I couldn’t concentrate on my work the pain was so bad. I had two ovarian cysts, about the size of oranges, when I went to David for treatment. He treated me with Shiatsu acupressure and Qigong breathing and visualization techniques. I felt more relaxed after the first session, I was pain free after 2 sessions. I only wanted pain relief, but we decided to carry on so I would get more lasting relief. After six months of weekly treatments the cysts were gone. I was not having any other treatment, apart from ultrasound to monitor my condition. Not only did the cysts go, but I felt incredible after each session.

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