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Costs of Treatments

Costs of Treatments

Here is a list of the costs of treatments at David Hankey Acupuncture:

  • Traditional Acupuncture: €60 per treatment, usually 40 minutes.
  • Holistic Acupuncture: €90 for 1st. visit; €60 for follow up treatments.
  • Taoist Acupuncture: €120 for 1st. visit; €60 for follow up treatments.
  • Chi Kung Healing Therapy combined with Acupuncture: €120 for 2 hours; follow up treatment €90 for 90 minutes.
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture with Facial Massage: €90 (90 minutes)

Please note, cards not accepted – Bank transfer or cash only

Combination Treatments

Combination of acupuncture and Tuina/deep tissue massage €90

  • Taoist Tai Chi and Chi Kung, individual or group lessons €70 per hour.
  • Reflexology: €60 per treatment (50 minutes plus changing time, usually 1 hour)
  • Shiatsu/Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage): €60 per treatment (50 minutes)
  • Deep Tissue Massage: €50 per half hour treatment, €90 for 1 hour. Relieves aches and pains as well as feeling great.
  • Cupping Therapy: €60 per treatment. (50 minutes plus changing time, usually 1 hour)

What should people look for when they’re choosing a practitioner?

It’s important to only use a registered acupuncturist, as this guarantees that they have a minimum of three years’ training. The Acupuncture Council of Ireland has 500 members nationwide and is responsible for the regulation and maintenance of a Register of Acupuncturists. Members of the ACI are approved by Aviva, VHI, Laya Healthcare and HSA for Out-Patient insurance purposes. David Hankey is a registered acupuncturist and a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland. Here is a link:

I am committed to provide the best treatment and care possible to all patients from the very first moment they visit

Acupuncture Cork David Hankey.

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Costs of treatments at David Hankey Acupuncture may vary