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Health Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung/Qi Gong

Tai Chi – The Art of Living  –

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Mindfulness

Health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.

DAVID HANKEY has been practicing Qi Gong,  Aikido and Zen meditation for more than 35 years. He has been teaching for more than 30 years. David has taught in Ireland as well as China. He also received private instruction in Qi Gong from his teacher Prof. Wu Tian Cheng. David is a student of Wudang Europa with Taoist Master Tian Liyang. David studied Zen meditation with Zen Master Hogen Yamahata of Chogenji Temple, Japan, and Aikido with Shihan John Rogers. In addition, David is a practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shiatsu and Tuina.
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