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Chinese Medicine and the Treatment of Stress

Chinese Medicine and the Treatment of Stress. Moderation is essential in whatever activity we are involved in; it is the extremes of excess and abstinence that are frequently associated with health – so, RELAX.

It is commonly recognized that our lifestyle affects our ability to be healthy. In the West, people live at a fast pace with little time for rest and relaxation. Stress is seen as one of the most powerful problems we have to deal with in the modern world; long-term exposure to high stress levels and emotional disturbances has a powerful effect on us.

Chines medicine takes the view that it is not necessarily the level of stress that is the problem, though of course this is relevant; more importantly, it is how we react to the world we live in that can be the problem. Stress is like an indication that some level of activity is leading to ill-health – stress is like a red warning light in a car. Stress will also manifest as low energy. It will also affect our sleep.

To effectively deal with stress, it is important too;

a) to recognize the external cause and take steps to eliminate or reduce the cause through life-style changes, and,

b) to deal with the effects of stress through self-help.
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